Valuable Insights Gained at ContainerDays 2017

ContainerDays was held in Hamburg, Germany at the Automuseum Prototype, a large former factory space in Hamburg's harbor district. This conference for container enthusiasts and experts included 395 registered participants, organized by Loodse, along with partners Nexinto, 1&1, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and bee42 solutions. 1&1 attended ContainerDays as a partner/sponsor, a speaker, and to conduct open discussions with the participants.

The conference venue was set up with two stages, workshop cabins, and plenty of places to hang out and network. In such a relaxed, informal atmosphere, it was striking to overhear so many profoundly technical conversations taking place among attendees.

Conference attendees in one of the lounge spaces.

Participants were enthusiastically involved, with over 30 talks, keynotes, and workshops to choose from. The roster of international trainers and speakers included 1&1, Amazon Web Services, Zalando, Dell, Google, Huawei, Plesk, and Loodse. Topics included:

  • Container technologies
  • Microservices
  • Distributed Applications
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
  • Cloud Native Strategies

Rainer Sträter, Head of Global Platform Hosting at 1&1 Internet SE, gave a beginner-level talk on "Turn-Key Orchestration of Docker Containers at Scale" on June 20th. His presentation covered:

  • How turn-key container orchestration solutions can enable developers and operators to focus on their core projects instead of building and maintaining multi-node clusters and containers.
  • The change from GlusterFS to Ceph due to performance bottlenecks.
  • Integration in OpenStack (starting with Telemetry and Keystone).
  • 1&1's Docker and Kubernetes-based container cluster hosting, which launched at DockerCon 2017.
  • Best practices for stack evolution.
  • What's next in the field of container orchestration.

Rainer Sträter, Head of Global Platform Hosting at 1&1 Internet SE

1&1 was on hand to answer basic questions about our server products, and we had many interesting and detailed discussions about our current CaaS beta. We received a lot of excellent feedback on CaaS, some of which will be included in our future product development.

One great aspect of attending these conferences is being able to gain valuable insights into the use cases of CaaS from our customers, and have discussions on features, prices, and potential product lines. This lets us optimize the product, and adapt it to the target group of core users. No amount of development or internal discussion can match the experience of actually getting to sit down and talk to users face-to-face about their experience with CaaS

We gave a rough sketch of the outlook for our CaaS open beta and product environment, which was met with a positive response. Open beta will be coming later this year, and we look forward to refining the product further.

ContainerDays was a very successful conference, for the attendees and for 1&1 as a sponsor. We are looking forward to further cooperation with the container community, and we are excited about the potential for helping to expand this developing technology segment.

Download the PowerPoint slides from Rainer Sträter's presentation.