Basic Windows Server 2016 Security Measures

After creating a new 1&1 Cloud Server with Windows 2016, there are several procedures we recommend you follow in order to increase the server's security. Learn the recommended "best practices" for a new Windows server, including changing the Administrator name, setting an Account Lockout Policy, and more. [...]  

Windows Server Security Rule 9: Detection and Notifications

Now that we have hardened the server and the applications we want to setup a notification for potential breaches and detections. With Rule #9 we are almost finished with our 10 rule series. [...]  

Install Updates on a 1&1 Cloud Server with Windows 2016

One of the first and most important tasks to perform on a new Windows 2016 is to search for and install any necessary system updates. System updates are released often, and even a brand-new server will most likely have one or more updates ready to be installed. These updates can improve the performance of your server, patch security flaws, add extra functionality, and more. [...]  

Upload a Website to a 1&1 Cloud Server with Windows 2016

Remote Desktop is considered the best way to transfer files to a server running Windows 2016. Unlike FTP, which is not secure, Remote Desktop is a secure method which does not expose your password. And unlike FTP, using Remote Desktop to transfer files does not require any additional setup on the server. [...]  

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