Use Case: Redis vs MongoDB

Both Redis and MongoDB are popular, high-performance "NoSQL" alternatives to a traditional relational database like MySQL. These use cases explore the difference between them. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each, and find more information on which one will best suit your project. [...]  

Set Up Redis Cluster on 1&1 Cloud Servers

Redis is a popular open source in-memory data structure store which is used as an alternative to SQL and relational databases. Using Redis Cluster to spread the processing over multiple servers greatly increases the throughput and stability of a Redis installation. Redis Cluster automatically shards data across multiple servers, to reduce the possible points of failure. [...]  

Redis Use Case: Redis Cluster

Read use cases for Redis Cluster. Redis is an open-source data structure store which is ideally suited for use as a NoSQL database solution, cache, and message queue. Using Redis Cluster allows the Redis deployment to be spread across multiple servers. [...]  

Redis Use Case: Social Website

This use case will focus on using Redis for the social aspects of a community website. Redis is a key-value store, which operates faster and more smoothly than a traditional relational database like MySQL. Redis stores data in a flexible structure similar to a dictionary or hash, which makes it an excellent choice for fast-paced scenarios like social applications. [...]  

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