Redis Use Case: Social Website

This use case will focus on using Redis for the social aspects of a community website. Redis is a key-value store, which operates faster and more smoothly than a traditional relational database like MySQL. Redis stores data in a flexible structure similar to a dictionary or hash, which makes it an excellent choice for fast-paced scenarios like social applications. [...]  

Redis Use Case: Session Caching and Storing

This use case centers around using Redis to cache website visitor session data. Redis is an excellent choice for session caching, because it is fast and light, and unlike other session store software platforms, Redis offers persistence. [...]  

How to Implement a Simple Redis Leaderboard

Learn how to create a simple leaderboard in Redis. Redis is a popular key-value store which is optimized for speed and flexibility. Redis's sorted sets are a perfect fit for implementing a leaderboard, which has made Redis a popular choice for many gaming apps and websites. [...]  

Redis Data Types

Learn how to choose the right Redis data type for your project, and why. Redis comes with several useful data types, which can make it difficult to decide which one to use. [...]  

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