Use Kubectl to Manage a CaaS Cluster

Learn how to install and use Kubectl on a Linux machine in order to manage a CaaS cluster. Kubectl is a command-line tool for deploying and managing applications on Kubernetes. [...]  

SSH to a Node in a CaaS Cluster

Learn how to SSH to a node in a CaaS cluster. Although typically most users will use `kubectl` or the API to interact with a cluster, there are some situations where you may want to connect to a node with SSH. Note: This is a straightforward process. If you are familiar with the basics, then simply know that you will need to log into the server as the `core` user with a command such as: ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa core@ [...]  

Configure and Manage a Kubernetes HAProxy Ingress Controller

Almost everyone who is deploying an application would like the app to be accessible to other people on the public internet. If you need to expose your Kubernetes services to the world, Ingresses are the way to go. At the time of this writing Ingress is only available in beta, so let's see the alternatives first. [...]  

Using your Docker compose file with Kubernetes

Learn how to use the Kompose tool to use Kubernetes to run an application defined in a docker-compose file. [...]  

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