Migrate a Website Using Plesk

Learn how to do a Plesk-to-Plesk website migration. This is an easy and convenient way to migrate a website from one server to another, when both servers are using Plesk. [...]  

Use Server Snapshots to Back Up and Restore a 1&1 Cloud Server

Server snapshots are a quick, easy, short-term way to back up and restore a 1&1 Cloud Server. Snapshots are free to create and use. They are automatically deleted after 72 hours. Snapshots are the ideal solution if you plan to perform an extensive procedure such as testing a software and wish to restore the original system state. [...]  

How to Monitor Services on your 1&1 Cloud Server

The 1&1 Cloud Panel provides a built-in Monitoring Center, which you can use to monitor services on your server. Learn how to monitor ports and services, and set up a policy to email you when a service becomes unavailable. [...]  

Use Prometheus and Grafana to Monitor Web Services on a 1&1 Cloud Server Running Ubuntu 16.04

Learn how to install and use Prometheus to monitor web services on a 1&1 Cloud Server running Ubuntu 16.04, with Grafana installed as a browser-based tool for developing custom dashboards. SoundCloud developed Prometheus to monitor the performance of their internal servers. They later released the software under an Open Source license, and made it available to the public. [...]  

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