1&1 Cloud Containers Beta Phase

1&1 CaaS offers a container-based virtualization, which delivers container engines, orchestration and the underlying compute resources all in one product.

The product is highly scalable within itself and as a platform. With the underlying 1&1 Cloud infrastructure, containers and clusters are built on a modern high-performance platform. The product offers easy and intuitive container management, supporting Docker containers and allowing customers to easily run applications within clusters that are managed by us as an excellent hosting provider.

1&1 Cloud containers helps you to deploy a Kubernetes cluster over 1&1 Cloud Servers in 3 steps using either our web-based interface or our API. Furthermore it installs several K8s based solutions for CD/CI, PaaS, Scaling, Proxy & Monitoring. Deploy a container cluster on 1&1 resources. Join our BETA for free!

We rely on your feedback to optimize our product. You will receive a feedback questionnaire, please provide us your experience with our Beta phase.

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